Mompreneurs - Mothers Doing It for Themselves!

If you have never heard of mompreneurs, you must be living under a rock or you really need to start spending more time on the internet. If you rely on the trusted source for truth online, Wikipedia , the term mompreneurs is a “ neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur ”. Are you thinking of a well-dressed woman in a business suit and stilettos, standing in her well organised kitchen, with an adorable baby in her arms, cooking dinner with one hand whilst having a phone conversation with a client? You cannot be blamed for this mental picture since magazine covers featuring famous mompreneurs like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr convinces us that women can finally really have it all.  So is mompreneurs having it all really possible or is it too good to be true? Outside of the magazine covers, the reality is that the average mompreneur is most likely to be an educated woman in the millennial age group, who has climbed

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