8 Ways to Get New Customers for Your Online Store

So you’ve set up your online store and you wonder what is necessary to make the first sale, with this article we take you through the easiest seven ways to get new customers and multiply your sales values in an ever changing market.

1. Sell Online
Sri Lankans are big on social media, with such a high reach its quite easy to achieve a decent conversion rate, You can sell from your online store or on social media and watch how customers recommend and share your products across their network, in turn growing your customer base. Utilizing sponsored content will also proper your brand and following forward as not only can you target adverts but boost posts which got good engagement from fans which would mean it could get shared more and increase brand awareness.

2. Sell at Events
Appearing at a sale where customers can physically check out your product, and have their questions answered before purchasing can not only give you new customers but also create brand awareness. If you choose to do this, remember to hand out heaps of business cards and fliers with links to your online presence so they can check you out later and follow your pages and profiles.

3. Collaborate with a Brand
Collaboration can occur online or physically via a pop up store. The latter is catching on in Sri Lanka, especially with many product brands placing themselves at easily accessible coffee shops. An online collaboration is equally important. One post with a mention of your brand or your partner brand can drive traffic and increase awareness; following and sales all in one go. Equally you could band your products or services together and offer a discounted rate which could definitely be a win win for both brands as most consumers talk about their purchases online.

4. Use Influencer Marketing
Many brands in Sri Lanka are using influencers who have a high social media following and might mention their brand in stories or posts on different social media platform influencing their followers to make a purchase. Either you can send them a sample of your product or pay them for a social media mention. Both Facebook and Instagram are fast becoming popular platforms for influencer marketing with many bloggers and influencers even charging for mentions or reviews of products and services.

5. Sponsor an Event
If there’s one thing you can take from Sri Lankan brands, especially those involved in real estate is that sponsoring an event and having your logos appear across social media, the media and even television spots can take your brand from basic to famous. Events could be directly related to your product or service like e.g:- sponsoring a fun run when you sell fitness bands or a school event if you sell gaming devices.

6. Have a Referral Program
The one time Sri Lankans will happily sell your product or service for you is when you offer them a referral fee. Many mobile companies used this method back in the day and very few use this to grow customer base at the moment. But this is a fast growing method for service companies while product based companies go for monetary payout or a discount on the clients next purchase or even throw in a freebie.

7. Become a Community Space
Pretty much all information for products or recommendations can be found online in various groups or posts across the web. If you happen to be offering a service or product that is relatively new, it might be a good idea to create a knowledge sharing group or page where like minded consumers can come together to share tips and tricks. Creating such a space not only increases your online presence but allows other consumers to recommend you and your brand to potential customers.

8. Distribute your product to other retailers
When you sell online, and do not have a store space, it helps to stock your product at other retailers who sell something which complements your product. For example you can stock homemade chutney at a bakery or coffee shop so consumers can grab it on the go. Or if it’s a fitness related product it can be stocked at the gym or fitness centre. Smart product placement even in the shop will allow more customers to know about you and what type of product you sell which will only increase your following.

With these simple and easy steps you can be guaranteed to make a mark in the Sri Lankan consumer circles with your product or service. Always remember sometimes the simplest flier or a mention of the product online can create more sales than continuous advertising through older mediums. So go ahead and start increasing your customers using these simple ways and start selling much more!