Mompreneurs - Mothers Doing It for Themselves!

If you have never heard of mompreneurs, you must be living under a rock or you really need to start spending more time on the internet. If you rely on the trusted source for truth online, Wikipedia, the term mompreneurs is a “neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur”. Are you thinking of a well-dressed woman in a business suit and stilettos, standing in her well organised kitchen, with an adorable baby in her arms, cooking dinner with one hand whilst having a phone conversation with a client? You cannot be blamed for this mental picture since magazine covers featuring famous mompreneurs like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr convinces us that women can finally really have it all.  So is mompreneurs having it all really possible or is it too good to be true?
Outside of the magazine covers, the reality is that the average mompreneur is most likely to be an educated woman in the millennial age group, who has climbed the career ladder and has chosen to either take a career break or give up their career altogether to raise a family. Perhaps these women have grown up believing that they can have it all? A common thread amongst some of the successful mompreneurs is that their business ideas were inspired from their life experiences including the frustrations they faced in motherhood.  Adam Broetje, CEO, Odd Dog Media says “If you really want a business idea and don’t know where to start, try to come up with one business idea each day for a month and see if you can train your mind to identify areas of opportunity.” For a mompreneur this may be creating a range of baby bibs that also doubles as a teething toy or a coming up with an easier way to feed their child or finding a gap in the services that are available.
For Lankan mompreneurs, the right business idea could be a goldmine of opportunities due to a growing economy and the increase in disposable income for high and middle income earners. And there are many mompreneurs in Lanka who are capitalising on this; juggling the logistics of a small business and raising a family. Who is better to share some insight in to this juggling act, than two successful lankan mompreneurs; one a popular baby and children photographer who recently launched the first exclusive baby studio in Lanka and the other a successful cake maker who creates unique edible cake toppers.
Finding inspiration!
Motherhood itself! Both these mums were educated professional women who took time away from their careers to care for their first-borns. In the midst of diaper changes and bath times, these mothers indulged their creative side and found that people are willing to pay for their creativity. Like any would be entrepreneurs, these mothers used their creativity to create a product or a service to successfully fill a gap in the market. Like many small businesses, these mompreneurs initially relied on family, friends and word of mouth to grow their business and use social media as their preferred e-commerce tool.
Striking that balance!
It is not a walk in the park and starting out a small business can be riddled with mistakes, challenges, learning curves and long hours of hard work. The transition from working for an employer to working for yourself is not an easy one for most entrepreneurs. A start-up business requires business plans, marketing strategies, investments, product launches so on and this challenging phase can be especially hard for mompreneurs who also have to balance motherhood duties and family commitments. According to our Lankan mompreneurs, without a family support system around them, their start-ups would not have been possible.
If time management skills are your weakness, then think twice about being a mompreneur! Time, it seems is the enemy with exhaustive lists of to-dos and a never-ending battle of managing conflicting priorities. Early wake-ups and late nights seem to be part of the deal and striking a balance between family and life a constant struggle. This does not sound ideal, however, having some choice to fit work around your life is a worthy benefit of the mompreneur life.
If you are thinking it, then give it a go!
Being a mompreneur may not be as easy as the celebrity mompreneurs make it seem, however, it can be rewarding if you are willing to put in the hard work and commitment required. Lankan mompreneurs insists that if you find that one thing you are passionate about and are willing to put in the hard work, mompreneur life can be a rewarding one, with financial freedom whilst enjoying a work life balance being the ultimate win-win you can strive towards.